Valid until 31/12/2020

Learn how to cook a Paella

Have you ever thought of learning how to cook a good Paella and surprise all your guests?


SingularStays offers you this opportunity in one of the most popular schools in the Community, La Valenciana, located in the historic center of the city and specialized in the most popular rice dishes: Paella Valenciana, Paella de Marisco, Baked Rice…


The course of La Valenciana is divided in three fundamental parts:


- Visit to the Central Market: Place characterized by the variety, quality and freshness of its products where you will find, accompanied by the Chef, the necessary ingredients to prepare an irresistible Paella. This part of the course will allow you to know the most important space of the sale of fresh products from Valencia, its past and present, multiple anecdotes of the stalls, its transfer from parents to children and its modernist architecture. You will discover true pleasure for the five senses. (The visit to the market will take place only morning courses. The afternoon courses will watch a video explaining the operation of the market).


- Cooking: Once you are in the school, and you have adjusted the apron and cook hat, we will get to work. During the preparation of the paella, always under the direction of the paella master, there are moments of active work, such as frying lightly the meat and vegetables; and other calmer moments, such as cooking the broth, faithfully following the homemade procedure. It’s in this quiet moments when we offer a Valencian wine degustation, white or red, or craft beer, accompanied by a tomato tasting of the orchard seasoned with the best virgin olive oil with denomination of origin of the Valencian Community, to lick your fingers!


 - The moment of truth: It's time to check our culinary skills and test in first person the result of our effort! To complete this moment, the paella will be accompanied by a typical Valencian salad and, to finish, a traditional dessert. For drinking you will have to choose between soda, wine or beer.


Included in the Price:

- Ingredients for the paella’s elaboration.

- Paella course with the supervision of our chef.

- Appetizer with valencian tapas + wine/beer degustation.

- Drink included with the meal.

- Certificate of attendance.

- Adress: C/ Juristas 12, Valencia

- Total Price of the course: 50.00€/person.